Curious Creatures found in Classrooms

Pupils in classroom One of the strange doors found in a classroom at Southbourne Juniors

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Evidence of strange goings-on have been found at a junior school in West Sussex.

As children and staff arrived at Southbourne Junior School for lessons on Monday morning they were met with some baffling findings. It appeared that mystery creatures had been roaming the classrooms and corridors over the weekend and had left behind them clues to what had been going on.

Site Manager, Richard Wileman was the first to notice what had been going on. He arrived at the school at 6am on the 6th of October and found remains of food and sweets, tiny clothes and furniture.

Head Teacher, Mr Hanna urged for calm while investigations took place.

"It is unclear at this time exactly what has been going on in the school over the weekend. While we carry out further investigations we encourage all staff, children and parents to remain untroubled by the findings. There is no evidence so far that the creatures pose any threat or mean us any harm and while that is the case the school will stay open".


Deputy Head Teacher Mrs Brodrick spoke of her shock at the findings and admitted to taking some time to regain her composure.

"I am really uncomfortable with the idea of someone or something having been in my classroom over the weekend. The fact it might still be here is most worrying. When I first heard the news I didn't know what to do, but once I'd calmed down I put together an action plan and immediatley called an emergency, whole school assembly".

She went on, as she often does;

"The children have all been fantastic. They have remained calm and been able to help in our investigations, finding clues and offering theories on who or what these strange beasts may be."


Popular theories suggested so far include:

  • elfs and pixies
  • fairies
  • mice, rats and other rodents
  • gremlins and goblins

Child doing sums The staff and children of Southbourne Junior School in West Sussex

End Quote

The Mother of a year 3 boy, who wished to remain anonymous spoke of her concerns.

"While I have every faith in Mr Hanna and his team it is the lack of clear information that is most worrying. I just want to know what these creatures are and what is going to be done about it, so me and my children can relax."

Parents with any concerns should call the school office directly on 01243 375878

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    Comment number 72.

    "Kids from deprived backgrounds have the same chance as any other kid of being clever (or not), poor does not equal stupid."

    No it doesn't, but if you're brought up in a household that doesn't value education, encourage study & has no books or puzzles, it's much harder than a household where you are pushed and generally you're more likely to be in that sintuation in a poor household.

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    Comment number 71.

    What this country needs to fight poverty is jobs, even manual ones. An unemployed graduate is no better off than an unemployed non-graduate.

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    Comment number 70.

    65. mr teapot
    Paying for education doesn't guarantee a better education. What is does guarantee is that you meet "the right people".

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    Comment number 69.

    schools 'must do more'

    and the point to....

    acheiving 5 GCSE grades A - C what EXACTLY ?????

    British education system has been same since 1905

    How does this nonsense help school leavers forward on in life NOTHING that is being taught in schools is relevant to our failing nation

    need a new approach not same old blame it on schools rubbish

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    Comment number 68.

    Yet another article about the lack of social mobility through education! I was from a very poor background but keen to learn and got to a grammar school. If I had gone to a comp. I'd have been dragged down by those unwilling to learn, on whom all the time & resources now go. If you want educational mobility, then try truly separating by aptitude. Being poor is not in itself 'a disadvantage'.


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